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RockSolar Portable Solar Generators

Power up your outdoors adventures with RockSolar’s Portable Solar Generators. With lightweight, easy-to-carry generators, you can take your power wherever you go. Our generators are designed to provide clean and quiet energy, so you never have to worry about fuel emissions or loud engine noise. And the best part? RockSolar portable solar generators come equipped with enough portability and power for camp sites and remote locations. Experience reliable off-grid power with RockSolar - get your portable solar generator today!
RockSolar Portable Solar Generators


Save 17%
Sail Away Solar Kit III
$4,15999 $4,99999
Save 16%
Sail Away Solar Kit II
$3,09999 $3,69999
Save 6%
Sail Away Solar Kit I
$1,66999 $1,76999
Save 2%
Road Trip Off Grid Solar Kit III
From $5,65988 $5,75988
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Save 15%
Road Trip Off Grid Solar Kit I
From $1,69999 $1,99999
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