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EXOTAC - Nanospark



The nanoSPARK is an ultra-compact firestarter designed for use with high surface-area tinders such as quickLIGHT. It can also be used to easily light camp stoves. The nanoSPARK was designed to be used one-handed with quickLIGHT tabs. These tinder tabs can be stored within the waterproof body of the nanoSPARK.



  • One-handed Operation - Not only is the nanoSPARK easy to use with little practice but it is also operable with one hand in the event of an injury
  • Replaceable Flint - The flint is easily replaceable by removing the brass screw inside the tinder capsule. Up to 5 extra flints can be stored inside the tinder capsule
  • Tinder Storage - Unscrew the body from the flint holder to reveal a quickLIGHT tab. Fluff the tab with a knife or pull apart with your fingers and it'll catch on the first spark!
  • High-Spark Flint Wheel - The custom-designed flint wheel features larger, deeper teeth that create a ferrocious spark. When your tinder is properly prepared the nanoSPARK's high-spark flint wheel makes for a quick light
  • Lanyard Slot - Use this to secure the nanoSPARK to your gear, around your neck or to attach extra tinder such as a tinderZIP zipper pull.

Package Includes

  • quickLIGHT Tinder


  • Diameter: 0.50"
  • Length: 2.70"
  • Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • Made in the USA