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Nanuk 933 5 Up Gun Case with Lid Organizer


Available Colours:  Black  Orange  Yellow  Silver  Graphite 

**Please specify in the comments section at checkout which colour you would like shipped!**

Specs Sheet

The NANUK 933 waterproof hard case is designed to withstand harsh conditions while keeping your items safe, secure, and well-organized. The case is made with a lightweight yet incredibly durable NK-7 resin shell and features a robust PowerClaw superior latching system that provides unmatched protection. This case also features NANUK's exclusive locking and latching mechanism, ensuring that your belongings remain securely stored until you're ready to access them. Whether you're braving extreme weather conditions or simply need to transport your gear with peace of mind, the NANUK 933 has got you covered.

The NANUK 933 5 UP Pistol Case provides secure storage for up to 5 full-frame handguns with trigger locks and 8 magazines.

This hard case adheres to storage standards and regulations, making it a perfect fit for firearms. It can accommodate pistols with barrel lengths of up to 5", even those with trigger locks in place. The added depth makes it suitable for 1911 style or customized handguns.

Designed to cater to law enforcement agencies, military personnel, shooting instructors and clubs, industry representatives, consultants, gun dealers, collectors and enthusiasts, this semi-rigid and highly-resistant case is made of closed-cell Synergy® PEF foam, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

The NANUK 933 5 UP Pistol Case has a lifetime guarantee and is waterproof, dustproof and indestructible.