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P2P HDP 50 Self defence rubber ball pistol- .50cal : P2P Prepared 2 Protect®


We have run out of stock for this item.

The Prepared 2 Protect® HDP 50 Self Defense Rubber Ball Pistol is a reliable and powerful tool for defending your family, property and life. Powered by a single 12 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge, this .50 caliber powder round pistol holds 6 rounds in its internal magazine and can be ready to fire with the Quick Pierce CO2 piercing system—simply give the piercing knob a quick swat to get it going. The HDP 50 comes with 10 rubber rounds for practice and training, plus 10 pepper rounds for self-defense when you need it. Put your trust in Prepared 2 Protect® today, so you can be prepared to protect tomorrow.

The HDP 50 Powder Round Pistol from UMAREX is your go-to to help you be Prepared 2 Protect®. Its quick response charge, multiple .50 caliber powder and rubber rounds, and easy-to-use features make it ideal for those who want to protect themselves and their families without a firearm. The pistol holds 6 rounds in an internal magazine and runs on a single 12 gram non-threaded CO2 cartrdige. With the Quick Pierce piercing system, the HDP 50 can easily be engaged with just one swat of the piercing knob. Plus, each purchase comes with 10 rubber rounds for defensive use and 10 powder rounds for practice or training.

Just remember that this product is California compliant, but not designed to use paint ammo at any time. Doing so may damage the product and void the warranty — always remember to read through the Owner’s Manual for all warnings before using.