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Parachute Cord Grey


Ideal for camping, boating, crabbing, indoor and outdoor clotheslines, halyard lines, garden lines, venetian blinds, awning lines and many other applications requiring strength and durability. Nylon cord. Rated for 550 lbs. 7 strand. Color may vary due to the dye lots.

Paracord is a truly versatile cord that is unmatched in its ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Its high-tech materials and construction make it lightweight, strong, and compact. With an impressive 550 lb tensile strength, paracord can accomplish tasks that other cords simply cannot.

What sets paracord apart is its ingenious design - it features 7 inner strands of core that can be pulled out to create hundreds of feet of usable cordage from just 50ft. It's the ideal rope to carry with you on a daily basis, whether in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or even as part of your apparel.

With a reputable history dating back to WW2, paracord has proven itself to be one of the best cords ever made. It's a trusted tool on the battlefield, as well as for everyday use around the house.

Atwood Rope Paracord is a cut above the rest, with superior quality and consistency. We pride ourselves on our strict quality assurance policy and intravenous QA checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process. We strive to deliver only the highest-quality paracord and products to our customers worldwide, ensuring reliability that can be trusted day in and day out.