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Replacement Ink Cartridge for Bolt Action Pen by Bastion - 6x-Black Gel


Our ink cartridges feature a fine tip and come in a range of colors and ink styles, including:

  • Standard ink: Black, Blue, Red
  • Gel ink: Black, Blue, Red

To ensure the perfect fit for your pen, our cartridges are designed to match the shape of the original Parker refill. Specifically, they're made to fit the G2 ISO 98mm length, 5.8mm width, fine tip (.05 mm) version with a tapered end toward the point. It's important to note that while Parker is changing the style on some refills described as G2 ISO, our pens require the 'classic' G2 style with the tapered end. This ensures a seamless writing experience every time, with no compromises on quality or consistency.