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T4E TR 68 - .68 CAL Paintball pistol revolver


Our .68 caliber paintball pistols give you the toughest and most reliable performance when gunfighting on the field. The .68 caliber is one of the best paintball pistol side arm weapons, shooting straighter and more accurately than other paintball pistol models while maintaining its small size. It provides a specially engineered high-speed firing rate to keep your opponents second-guessing your next move. With all these features, our .68 caliber paintball pistol is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful, high-performing weapon in a lightweight package.

The T4E TR 68 paintball marker brings the revolver into the 21st century. This marker is powered by a single 12 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge housed in the grip and is equipped with T4E's Quick Pierce CO2 cartridge puncturing system. The TR 68 Revolver holds five .68 caliber rubber, paint, or dust projectiles and launches them through the double action pull of the trigger. The three included rotary magazine disks allow for fast and easy reloading. The TR 68 Revolver has two sections of Picatinny rail, one on the top strap that is ideal for a compact reflex sight and one below the barrel which is ideal for a laser or tactical light. This marker is rated for 7.5 Joules.

  • 5-Shot Revolver
  • DA Action
  • Easy Change Cylinders
  • .68 Caliber Paint, Dust, or Rubber Ammo Compatible
  • Top and Bottom Pic Rail
  • Quick Pierce CO2 System
  • Uses 12g Non-Threaded CO2
  • Holster SKU 2292179
  • Magazine 2-Pack SKU 2292139
  • 7.5 Joule