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Bushcraft: Survival Skills for Children

Bushcraft: Survival Skills for Children

In our last blog post we discussed Bushcraft skills and how they improve your chances of survival. While bushcraft is often associated with adults, it's also an excellent way to teach children valuable skills that can help them in many different situations.In todays post, we'll explore some of the key survival skills that children can learn through bushcraft. The key to success here is have fun with your children, and work along side them as they traverse these fundamentals. Bushcraft teaches children a variety of important skills that they may not learn elsewhere. For example:


Bushcraft teaches children how to rely on themselves when they're in challenging situations. This sense of self-reliance can boost their confidence and help them feel more prepared for whatever life throws their way.


Survival situations require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Through bushcraft, children can learn how to assess their surroundings and come up with creative solutions to overcome obstacles.


Surviving in the wilderness requires resilience – the ability to bounce back from setbacks and keep going even when things get tough. By learning bushcraft skills, children can develop this critical trait that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Simple Bushcraft Skills for Children

There are many different bushcraft skills that children can learn, depending on their age and abilities. Some of these key skills include:

Shelter Building

Children can learn how to build shelters using natural materials such as branches, leaves, and grasses. This skill is particularly useful in emergency situations where shelter is necessary for survival. This is a fun skill as a kid, I used to spend my days playing in the bush building forts, shelters, and trails.

Fire Starting

Fire starting is an essential bushcraft skill that children should know how to do safely and effectively. They should be taught about fire safety rules before being allowed to practice this skill on their own. **Safety is essential**  Fire starting like many skills need to be taught once a understanding and respect of the dangers are established.


Teaching basic navigation techniques like reading maps or using a compass helps children stay oriented when exploring new areas or if they become lost. I personally feel this is a must have skill if you live in a rural area, farm, or in the remote wilderness.

Wilderness First Aid

Children should also be taught basic first aid so they know how to treat injuries until professional medical help arrives. Make this fun and exciting, playing Dr to mom or dad will help build confidence in staying calm under a real life situation.


What would you like to read about next?  If you have an idea, drop us an email at: adam@roguesurvival.ca