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1 Gallon Mylar Bag (Ziplock) - 5.0 Mil (10" X 14" X 4")


FDA Approved: This product has been approved by the FDA, ensuring that it meets their strict standards for food safety.

  • Food Grade Quality: Made with high-quality materials, this product is safe for storing food and will not contaminate it.

  • Polyester Resin Construction: The use of polyester resin ensures that this product is durable and long-lasting, providing reliable protection for your food.

  • Gas and Moisture Resistance: This product is designed to be resistant to both gas and moisture, making it ideal for storing perishable items such as food.

  • Chemical Stability: With excellent chemical stability, this product will not react with or contaminate your food in any way.

  • High Tensile Strength: This product has a high tensile strength, meaning it can withstand significant weight without breaking or tearing.

  • Long-Term Storage and Protection: Designed specifically for long-term storage of food items, this product provides reliable protection against contamination and spoilage.