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Introducing the Engage 3" Inch - BLACK GFN HANDLE

Looking for a reliable everyday carry option? Look no further than the Engage 3" Inch - BLACK GFN HANDLE. With a durable AUS-10 Japanese stainless steel blade that's easy to sharpen and holds an edge exceptionally well, this folder is built to handle any daily task.

But what sets the Engage apart from other knives on the market? It's Cold Steel's patent-pending slide-action Atlas™ Lock. This innovative locking mechanism ensures consistent and durable lockup every time, making it one of the safest options out there.

And for those who value ambidexterity, the Engage has got you covered. The design is completely ambidextrous, so whether you're left-handed or right-handed, you can use it with ease.

Invest in a knife that's reliable, safe and versatile. Choose the Engage 3" Inch - BLACK GFN HANDLE for your everyday needs.