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Gerber - Randy Newberg EBS Orange


Randy Newberg, a seasoned hunter with a wealth of knowledge, has developed a tool that will revolutionize the way you harvest animals - the EBS. Whether you prefer the gutless method or a traditional open cavity approach, this tool is all you need.

Made from 440C steel, the EBS features task-specific blades that are designed to withstand years of use. Plus, the tailored designs for each step of the process ensure that the meat and hide of your harvest will be in better shape.

The lightweight, skeletonized design of the handle allows you to nest it discreetly into the back of the quiet carry blade box and drop it into your pack, barely even noticing it until you need it. Don't settle for less when it comes to harvesting animals - equip yourself with the EBS and elevate your next hunting trip to a whole new level.