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ROCKSOLAR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

$16999 $20999

Looking for a solar charge controller that's reliable, efficient, and perfect for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts? Look no further than the ROCKSOLAR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller from the innovative team at Rocksolar! With its cutting-edge features and superior functionality, the ROCKSOLAR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller is the ultimate solution for all your solar charging needs in Canada.

This charge controller supports both Lithium and Lead Acid batteries, with a maximum PV module open voltage of 55Vdc and an MPP tracking efficiency of 99.5%, ensuring optimal power generation in all weather conditions. It comes with a 3-stage charge algorithm, light control voltage of 5V, 12/24V nominal system voltage, rated charging current of up to 60A, and battery voltage range of 8-32V for complete versatility. Moreover, it features high voltage disconnection at 16V (24V x 2) and low voltage disconnection at 10.8V for additional protection against overcharging or undercharging your batteries.

The ROCKSOLAR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller is built tough to withstand harsh Canadian weather conditions with an operating temperature range of -20°C to 55°C and an IP30 rating protection against dust and moisture. Easy to install and operate, this charge controller is the ideal solution for reliable and efficient solar charging in Canada – regardless if you’re powering an off-grid cabin or backpacking through BC’s mountain trails! Order yours today and experience the ultimate in solar charging technology!