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ROCKSOLAR Adventurer 100W Portable Power Station - Lithium Battery and Solar Generator

$20999 $23999

The ROCKSOLAR 100W Adventurer is the perfect portable device to have on hand when you're out on the go. It's lightweight and collapsible design makes it great for camping trips, road trips, and hikes - so you can power up your mini fridge, blow up an air mattress, or charge your car accessories with ease. You are able to charge a USB-powered CPAP (10-12 hours) and a CPAP for 3 hours. Additionally, this powerhouse station is a reliable backup power source during emergencies or power outages. Not only that, but you can use the Adventurer with car kits such as lift jacks and air pumps to keep all of your items powered even when things get rough.

The Adventurer truly provides versatility for recreational use and home safety alike. Use it for camping trips in order to bring along a fully charged mini fridge or air mattress - perfect for relaxing by the campfire! Or keep important vehicle parts running during heavy storms and blizzards to make sure you stay prepared in any situation.

The ROCKSOLAR Adventurer is ideal for anyone who wants a reliable and easily transportable power source while they’re on the go.