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ROCKSOLAR Cottage Life Series II Off Grid Solar System


Make the most of your cottage life with the ROCKSOLAR Cottage Life Series II Off-Grid Solar System. This efficient and reliable system includes five essential components for a complete off-grid power solution: a 12V 100AH LIFEPO4 Battery, two 150W Rigid Solar Panels, a 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, and a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. These components are perfect for powering essentials such as mini fridges, LCD TVs, wifi routers and other small electronic items at your cottage.

Plus, the system comes with an impressive 10-year warranty on the battery and solar panels, and a 1 year warranty on all other components. With free upgrade services and exchangeable key components, you can easily expand your energy independence whenever you need more power. And you’ll get the most out of your investment thanks to high resale value of all system parts.

Experience the convenience of 24/7 power at your cottage without interruption. Invest in the ROCKSOLAR Cottage Life Series II Off Grid Solar System today and enjoy years of dependable off-grid power!