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ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Portable Power Station - Lithium Battery and Solar Generator

$24999 $27999

The ROCKSOLAR Ready is the perfect portable power station. It includes a built-in advanced battery management system that protects you and your devices from overcurrent. The Ready has multiple ways to charge with 1 AC Output, 1 DC In, 4 DC Out, 1 Quick Charge USB Port, 2 USB 3.0 Ports and 2 USB C ports. It's small enough to keep in your car or RV as a backup power source but powerful enough to charge business vendor stalls, outdoor market booths, car kits and DIY remote workstations in no time!

You can use it while camping, during road trips or emergency situations. To charge a CPAP overnight (10-12 hours) or just for a few hours (3), the Ready is ideal. It can also provide power to other car accessories like lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, vacuums and more.

So when you're looking for reliable backup in an emergency or need to keep all your mobile devices juiced up during an excursion, make sure to have the ROCKSOLAR Ready with you!